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Encentivizer Rebate Explorer

The fastest way to see rebate estimates for any product category across the United States and Canada...
Ashley Garia September 29, 2020

How Encentivizer Customers Use Product Awareness: Insights from the Product Team

Why Utility Rebates Matter For Lighting Manufacturers How Encentivizer Product Awareness Works How t...
Ashley Garia November 26, 2019

Most Read Articles of the Year

  What a year 2018 has been! We’re ending on a high note and covering the most read content of the y...
Ashley Garia December 19, 2018

Keep Your Eye on Rebates

Rebates are a vital component to energy efficiency, no matter what your role is in the industry. The...
Jeremy Struhar May 30, 2018

New Product Announcement: LED Payback Widget

Completing an energy savings project is about more than just receiving a one-time rebate from the el...
Jeremy Struhar April 27, 2018

Lighting Controls Rebates Now Available in the Widget

As lighting controls become more and more prevalent, it does not always paint the whole picture to j...
Jeremy Struhar January 30, 2018

Utility Rebate Program Changes for 2018

 Throughout the year, there are seemingly endless changes taking place within utility rebate program...
Ashley Garia December 28, 2017

What's missing from your energy audit software?

If you already have an energy audit platform or you’re looking to get one…you know the benefits of g...
Ashley Garia November 29, 2017

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