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Lighting Controls Rebates Now Available in the Widget

As lighting controls become more and more prevalent, it does not always paint the whole picture to just talk about the fixture rebate. If potential customers are interested in adding fixture-mounted lighting controls to their new LED fixture, they will want to know that a control rebate is available and the value of the rebate.

With that in mind, the Encentivizer™ Catalog Widget is now available with lighting controls as an add-on!

The Encentivizer Catalog Widget already allows you to display utility rebates for all your DesignLights Consortium® and ENERGY STAR® listed fixtures and bulbs across the U.S. and Canada. Now, we’ve done the research and assembled all the data to include rebates for lighting controls as well!

For any DLC®-listed products that are controls-enabled, as defined by the product listing on the DLC QPL, the Widget can now show rebates for the control in addition to the fixture rebate already on display.

Provide your sales team, distribution network, and website visitors with the ability to quickly see the impact of lighting controls rebates.

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Jeremy Struhar
Jeremy Struhar
Product Manager, Encentiv Energy

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