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Keep Your Eye on Rebates

Rebates are a vital component to energy efficiency, no matter what your role is in the industry. The issue is, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the changes, especially if you operate in more than one or two utilities. If your company is going to stay competitive, your team can’t be spending their time navigating complicated utility programs that are constantly changing. KeepYourEyeOnRebates

Changing your process to start including rebates can be difficult, but the added benefit rebates can provide to both you and your customers will make it well worth it!

Rebates can provide value in a number of different ways.

  1. Sales tool. By keeping potential customers informed about what rebates are out there, you can help decrease the upfront cost and make LEDs more affordable for the average buyer.
  2. Customer value. Becoming the resource for your customer on utility rebates can increase your value to them, while providing them with information they need to make purchasing decisions.
  3. Stay competitive. If your competitors are including rebates in their proposals and you aren't, there’s potential you’ll lose out on that sale.
  4. Promote and incentivize energy efficiency. Sometimes people need an extra nudge to start becoming more energy efficient. Rebates can be that final push! They’re already going to benefit from the cost savings on their electric bill, show them they can get a rebate from the utility too!

The good news is, Encentivizer™ can help you improve your process by adding rebates without the headache of trying to stay up-to-date with utility programs by yourself. Whether you’re processing rebates and submitting directly to the utility or just trying to provide your customers and sales channel with rebate information, Encentiv Energy has the tools for you!

No matter which part of the energy efficiency industry you operate in, there’s an Encentivizer™ solution that can help improve your process. Once you’ve incorporated Encentivizer™ into your workflow, you’ll realize how much easier it is to talk rebates when the research is done for you!

Schedule a demo to see how the Encentivizer™ can help improve your process!

Jeremy Struhar
Jeremy Struhar
Product Manager, Encentiv Energy

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