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What a year 2018 has been! We’re ending on a high note and covering the most read content of the year. Check out the news articles below PLUS a bonus about the past, present, and future of the DesignLights Consortium® Premium classification.

Note about how we determined the top news articles of the year: No articles about our new product launches or features, time based events like elections or trade shows, or if a version of something was released but it's not relevant anymore. For articles to be considered the average view time had to be more than 2 minutes.

#1 Do you know about HVAC and VFD incentives and what they mean for you?

Upgrading an HVAC system can be a costly project, and even adding VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) is not a small investment. This is where utility incentives can come into play. Rebates for HVAC equipment and VFDs improve the ROI on projects by allowing you to achieve higher energy savings with more efficient equipment.  Learn more about HVAC & VFDs 


#2 A manufacturer’s guide to understanding how to use rebates to increase sales

Rebates…UGH. They’re like your favorite worst enemy. We all know how important rebates are to the world of LEDs, but easy access into constantly changing utility programs has never been available...from an end user trying to learn about and submit for a utility rebate, to a distributor who wants to use rebates to increase his margins but is afraid to quote the wrong number, to the marketing team trying to plan their next targeted campaign or create engaging content that converts their website traffic. Using rebates can be so beneficial to these processes, but they are extremely time consuming — especially if you’re dealing in more than one utility.  Start understanding how to use rebates to increase sales →


#3 Don’t Wait ’til it Breaks!

Don’t wait ’til aging HVAC equipment breaks! Did you know that early replacement of your HVAC system with new energy efficient equipment can be rebate eligible? There are many reasons to consider replacing your HVAC equipment early. See the reasons  →


#4 Field Adjustable Light Output and Concerns

As part of the Design Lights Consortium’s® Technical Requirements V4.4 update, Field-Adjustable Products can now be listed on the SSL QPL. This policy update allows the QPL to keep up with innovations in this rapidly changing technology. Utility incentive programs response to this new policy has yet to be fully revealed, but early anecdotal discussions have given rise to some concerns. Concerns and discussion about FAO →


#5 Industry Impacts From the DesignLights Consortium® NLC Analysis Study

By 2035, more than a third of installed luminaires in commercial buildings are estimated to have network connectivity (DOE 2016). The DLC® analysis is important because - even with the limited availability of the data they had to work with -  utilities are going to use this study to lay the groundwork for the design of networked lighting controls incentives. Get the rundown and download the analysis →


BONUS! Exploring DLC® Premium: Past, Present, and Future

Three years into DesignLights Consortium® Premium, with over 130,000 (and growing) products listed, it’s worth exploring why DLC® Premium was initiated, its intended purpose, and whether it’s actually having the desired effect.  Explore DLC Premium now →


Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing & CX, Encentiv Energy

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