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Steve Moritz

Steve Moritz

President & CEO, Encentiv Energy

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Energy Efficiency Auction Pilot in Ontario

In the Canadian province of Ontario, the utilities have run the “Save on Energy” rebate program for ...
Steve Moritz May 25, 2021

What is the future of Efficiency Programs?

This question is one we hear often from customers and others in the industry. Every year we seem to ...
Steve Moritz January 30, 2020

Navigating the Complex World of Utility Rebates from the SnapCount Insights Blog

Navigating the Complex World of Utility Rebates Steve Moritz | Dec 4, '19
Steve Moritz December 5, 2019

Next Generation of Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

New York launches a major initiative targeting over 4MM MWh of energy savings by 2025 For more than ...
Steve Moritz February 27, 2019

The Energy Efficiency Financing Valley of Death

Think about what happens when you go to buy a car. To help close the sale the car dealership automat...
Steve Moritz June 28, 2017

AESP’s National Conference 2017 – Destination Innovation

Spending Valentine’s Day away from home on business - in a destination city like Orlando, at Univers...
Steve Moritz March 12, 2017

The End-of-Year Utility Rebate Program Tsunami

In January 2017 our system recorded over 450 program changes that include new rebate amounts, new su...
Steve Moritz February 6, 2017

#1 Reason the 2016 Election Won't Have a Negative Impact on the Energy Efficiency Industry

"Energy efficiency will always be the lowest cost resource. The cheapest kWh is the one you don’t us...
Steve Moritz December 1, 2016

An Energy Efficiency All-Star Roundtable Discussion

It’s not often you get an opportunity to witness a meaningful peer-to-peer event in your industry – ...
Steve Moritz November 22, 2016

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