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Don't panic, just make sure you're clear on this

If you didn’t take a 6-month vacation, odds are you’ve been developing projects that will be affected by DLC’s new requirements. So, how are the DLC QPL changes affecting them? And what can you do about it?

With 40% of the products delisted from the QPL as of April 1st (no this is not an April Fool’s joke), you might be wishing you had taken that 6-month vacation.

A big change, I know, but don’t panic!

As manufacturers continue to update their products and more are qualified under the V4.1 requirements, that 40% figure should drop over time. In the meantime, there’s some work to get done. Encentiv Energy has been and will continue to make enhancements to the Encentivizer™ Platform to do the heavy lifting for you and to make this a seamless transition.

As I mentioned, some of these might be re-added to the QPL, but with your reputation, customer satisfaction and utility rebate dollars at stake, it might not be worth the risk to leave your outstanding projects as they are.

Speaking of utility rebates, how are the utility companies handling these changes? What are they doing to make this transition easier?

Good question, let’s just say some are doing more than others, naturally.

Here’s what you can do to determine exactly how each of them is handling the change.

If you haven’t done so already or received any notifications, attended any webinars or utility sponsored conferences, contact your utility representatives and ensure you understand how they are handling this transition.

Are they drawing a hard line in the sand or being flexible and offering a grace period?

If they have a pre-approval option, what is the deadline to submit projects for pre-approval before they must meet the new V4.1 requirements?

If they do not offer pre-approvals, did the project need to be installed by April 1st to avoid falling under V4.1 or is there a 90-day grace period you can leverage to give your customers a sense of urgency to move forward with the project you’ve developed?

How are they communicating, if at all, these changes directly with the customers?

All perfectly reasonable and easily answered questions by each utility company representative. With an understanding of which products are affected and what your utility company’s stance is, you’ll know which projects need to be updated.

From there, the rest is easy.

The Encentivizer™ Platform has already incorporated the delisted products and V4.1 products. By utilizing the Product Awareness tool, you can find a new qualified product in seconds.

Or, if you’re an Encentivizer XL tool user, you can use the Product Selector feature to re-spec projects you’ve already developed in the tool.

There’s no need to panic, just make sure you’re clear on

  • what products have been delisted
  • your utility company’s transition plan

And leverage the power of the Encentivizer™ Platform to do the heavy lifting for you.

Schedule a Demo and see the magic for yourself.

Original Author: Jeff Julia, Senior Account Manager Encentiv Energy

Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing & CX, Encentiv Energy

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