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Kelli DeThomas

Kelli DeThomas

Product Manager, Encentiv Energy

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UtilityGenius: Projects Now Live!

UtilityGenius™ is helping users take the next step toward completing their energy efficiency project...
Kelli DeThomas February 27, 2023

Analysis: Top States for Recessed Downlights Rebates

On top of offering versatility, energy savings, and up to 25,000-hour lifespan, ENERGY STAR® certifi...
Kelli DeThomas February 26, 2022

Energy Efficiency: What is the Real Impact of Our Work?

In October, we celebrated Energy Efficiency Day (October 6th) with a whole week dedicated to all thi...
Kelli DeThomas October 26, 2021

Analysis: Top States for High Bay Luminaire Rebates

High bays are consistently one of the most popular product categories and utility programs offer gre...
Kelli DeThomas February 23, 2021

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