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New Product Announcement: LED Payback Widget

Completing an energy savings project is about more than just receiving a one-time rebate from the electric utility. It also generates savings that will be reflected on utility bills for the life of the new equipment. Combining the upfront utility rebate with the annual energy savings often makes an energy efficiency project pay for itself faster than the average person might think. Don’t lose out on sales because a potential customer thinks that LEDs are not affordable or not worth the investment!

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That’s where the LED Payback Widget becomes a valuable tool to provide to your website visitors. It provides them with ROI and payback calculations for any product in your catalog, including both annual energy savings and the utility rebate estimate for any utility in the US or Canada. After they’ve entered their project information, you can give them an actionable next step to get in touch with your sales team to help them get the project started.

The LED Payback Widget can also be your sales team’s go-to tool to quickly add an ROI analysis that includes utility rebates to any proposal. It will save your sales team time and help them close more deals by showing how much money can be saved by becoming more energy efficient.

Not only is the payback widget a useful tool for consumers and sales teams, it can also be a great asset for marketing and lead generation. You’re hosting a valuable resource right on your website that you can promote to attract more visitors to your site and keep them there longer. With visitor intelligence reporting, we’ll provide you with insights into your widget users, including who they are, what products they’re looking at, and where they’re looking.

Have questions or want to learn more about how easily the LED Payback Widget can be incorporated into your company’s website? Schedule a Demo

Jeremy Struhar
Jeremy Struhar
Product Manager, Encentiv Energy

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