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Encentivizer Awareness™ Now With Enhanced Features

banner_03New Features Make Managing National Accounts or Multi-Site Facilities Across Multiple Utility Territories a No Brainer

Pittsburgh, PA, June 29, 2016– Encentiv Energy today introduced new Awareness enhancements for the Encentivizer Platform. Awareness helps building owners manage multiple facilities within their portfolio across multiple utility territories to leverage rebate and incentive program intelligence.

“This is an exciting new feature for our customers. The Awareness enhancements allow Encentivizer users to gain insightful rebate and financing data across multiple utility territories and they will be able to see which facilities will get them the most rebates. Awareness also offers a visual map, and portfolio and product reports. This helps with decision making and improves their cash flow for projects. All of this is at their fingertips – it just takes the click of a button.” Mike Cham, Chief Technology Officer, said.

The Awareness Tool streamlines efficiency – the user enters facility information and scope of work and with one click the tool scans Encentiv Energy’s utility programs database of over 145,000 rebates and incentives and generates Awareness results in seconds. Plus, the user will receive regional incentive intelligence on the map or reports as well as optional financing solutions. The Encentivizer experience can also be personalized for each company.

Encentiv Energy, is a technology company in the energy rebate and financing market. The Encentivizer technology, developed by Encentiv Energy, is the only comprehensive source that includes details on every rebate program and tools to access those programs. Encentiv Energy is transforming the way people make purchasing decisions for energy efficient products. By providing tools that seamlessly integrate into the workflow of energy efficiency providers, they make accessing rebates and financing a more straightforward and painless process.

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Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing & CX, Encentiv Energy

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