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Encentivizer™ Product Awareness: New Interactive Map Feature

Featuring a New Interactive Map to Easily See Which States are Offering the Highest Rebate Amount for a Specific Product

Encentiv Energy’s Encentivizer Product Awareness has a new feature: an interactive map of the United States and Canada. This allows Encentivizer Product Awareness users to easily see where the highest rebates are on a beautiful blue-gradient color-coded map. This is the industry’s first product of its kind and it makes it simple to pinpoint where to focus sales and marketing efforts. The all-new map makes discovering rebates for lighting measures easier than ever before.

Encentivizer Product Awareness Map feature New Product Awareness Map features a gradient color-coded map that easily allows you to see the locations with the highest rebates.


“This is a great overview for sales teams and lighting manufacturers, but anyone that uses Product Awareness will be excited about it because it gives them the freedom to look at rebates two ways – on the map and the list view. When a user clicks on a state or territory the list of rebates is automatically filtered for utilities that are only in that state or territory. It’s easy to toggle between the United States and Canada too. I had a lot of customer feedback to work with for the UI on this upgrade and I was really thrilled about that,” said Jeremy Struhar, Product Manager.

USA and Canada Buttons for Product Awareness Map Easily toggle between the US and Canada to change the map or list view to show only that location.



Get quick access to optimized rebate information (weighted average rebate amount and the number of eligible rebate programs) by hovering your mouse over a state or territory. A small pop-up will appear with this information displayed so users don’t have to have click to see this meaningful information.



Hover over any state or territory and see the weighted average of the rebates and the number of eligible rebate programs.



This incredibly innovative and highly requested feature now allows users to be more efficient and create a continuous flow of rebate intelligence for their products. Make discovering utility rebates easier than ever before with Encentivizer Product Awareness.

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Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing & CX, Encentiv Energy

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