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Analysis: Top States for Recessed Downlights Rebates


On top of offering versatility, energy savings, and up to 25,000-hour lifespan, ENERGY STAR® certified recessed downlights also come with big upfront savings.1

Before we dive deeper into the programs in the top three states, below are the states that offer the highest incentives for Downlight Recessed across North America:

  1. Maine
  2. New York 
  3. Idaho 
  4. Washington 
  5. Virginia 
  6. Maryland
  7. Connecticut 
  8. Arizona 
  9. Delaware 
  10. Rhode Island

With most of the fixture’s housing hidden in the ceiling, recessed downlights create a sleek and minimalist look ideal for installation in residential spaces, offices, educational institutions, restaurants, and lodging facilities. Ambient and task lighting are both easily achieved by using different beam angles, making this a versatile option for your next project.2

New LED downlights are designed without the housing that you see in traditional downlighting fixtures, referred to as canless, significantly reducing the weight and dimensions. With this updated design you have the flexibility to fit these downlights into tight areas, away from ceiling joists, or even use them in a drop ceiling. 

The energy efficiency of these fixtures can be boosted through the use of dimmers, dimming down to at least 20% of the light output.3

Looking to reduce energy consumption from existing recessed downlighting? Retrofit kits are available that make it easy to upgrade what you already have in place. With these kits, you won’t need to change or remove any of the existing housing from the ceiling, simply replace the existing bulb and trim with an LED light that screws into the existing housing.

In addition to the energy savings that you will see from an LED retrofit, utility companies are currently incentivizing energy efficiency projects to help customers make the best choice for the environment AND the bottom line. 

Use DLC® and ENERGY STAR® certified products on your next project to ensure maximum savings by utilizing rebates. Programs in Maine, New York, and Idaho are offering the most significant rebates for downlight recessed LEDs at this time.


Diving Deeper into Top Programs in Top 3 States with Highest Rebates



The state program, Efficiency Maine, is currently offering up to $0.30 per kWh saved up to 80% of the project cost through their prescriptive incentive program. Pre-approval and annual energy savings of at least 36,000 kWh are required for projects with an incentive above $5,000. 

Program Link → 


New York

The Consolidated Edison (ConEd) Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program in New York is offering incentives up to $80 per fixture up to 70% of the project cost, excluding internal labor or 100% of the measure cost. Prescriptive lighting incentives are based on a one-for-one replacement of existing equipment. This program is open to commercial customers with over 100 kW average peak demand on a rolling 12-month basis and who pay into the EE Tracker (excluding multifamily buildings). Commercial customers between 100-300 kW may participate in the Small Business (SMB) Program. New construction is not eligible.​​

Program Link →



The Idaho Power Easy Upgrades Program is currently offering the top state incentive for downlight recessed up to $0.21 per kWh saved up to 70% of project costs. The program is open to all Idaho Power business customers and pre-approval is required. Currently, retrofit kits are split into two levels: Level 1 kits include strips, tubes, channels, bar-style components, or other mounted modules. Level 2 kits replace the entire optic system, mount to an existing fixture, and fully conceal the interior of existing housing.

Program Link →


How to Use Rebates to Your Advantage


Marketing Teams

Marketing can use the rebate estimates and utility information to include in campaigns to create content that converts (that means adding it to email campaigns, social media (paid ads too), your website, PPC/display ads, and webinars).


Sales Teams

Sales teams can use rebate mapping for quotes and show their connectivity to the rebate values nationwide by including real time available dollars for every state in the country.

BDR’s can target prospects in a specific geography where rebates are highest for your products and reach out to them with relevant information like rebates that are available in their utility territory right now.







1 Energy Star 
2 LEDs Magazine 
3 Energy Star Downlights Factsheet
Kelli DeThomas
Kelli DeThomas
Product Manager, Encentiv Energy

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