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Summer Savings: Why you should complete energy efficiency upgrades now

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You just got your first energy bill of the summer and now you remember that energy efficiency upgrade you have been putting off. Although it is possible to reduce your summertime energy spending without undertaking a large project, if you have outdated systems and equipment this might not be enough. Upgrading to energy efficient products and incorporating control systems for added efficiency is a proven way to lower your energy costs. We are investigating why this might be the best season to complete that overdue project.

Is moving a project up really worth it? 

Energy efficiency upgrades offer many benefits for businesses including energy cost savings, commitment to sustainability efforts, regulatory compliance, improved safety, and employee productivity. Many of these benefits are more impactful in the summer but they are not the only reason you should consider an energy efficiency upgrade now. 

Contractors and energy professionals often have more availability throughout the summer. It might be easier to schedule appointments, find qualified labor, and purchase the supplies required for energy efficiency improvements. Along with contractor availability, holiday and vacation schedules lend to less on-site time for employees and fewer disruptions for them as upgrades are implemented.

Implementing proactive summertime energy efficiency enhancements will prepare buildings for the winter. Many improvements, such as repairing drafts, upgrading insulation, and upgrading heating systems, have a dual benefit: they save energy during both the heating and cooling seasons. Additionally, completing projects early provides a buffer to address any unforeseen issues and make necessary adjustments. You can guarantee that your facility is energy-efficient and that you are maximizing your savings year-round. 

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Lighting as a priority

Looking at lighting projects, specifically, there are even more reasons to take action before fall including:

  • Longer daylight hours: Since the days are longer in the summer, there is more daylight available for working on lighting projects. The additional natural light hours allow for better visibility and make it easier to assess the lighting needs of a particular area.
  • Outdoor events and gatherings: Outdoor gatherings including weddings, parties, and festivals are frequently held throughout the summer and fall. Lighting is essential for general safety, setting the mood, and improving the overall guest experience at your facility. Lighting system upgrades are best completed prior to this busy season.
  • Favorable weather conditions: Summer often has more consistent weather than other seasons. Typically, there is less snow, rain, or bad weather that could prevent the installation of outdoor lights, making it safer and more convenient for electricians and technicians to work on outdoor lighting projects.
  • Future energy planning: There is typically less reliance on artificial lighting throughout the summer because of the extended daylight hours. This presents a chance to assess and improve lighting systems for increased energy efficiency and consider lighting for indoor spaces as daylight decreases. Long-term energy savings and cost savings can be achieved by switching to LED technologies with a longer lifespan and reduced carbon impact.

Ready to get started?

If the thought of undertaking such a large project and its associated costs is overwhelming, we are here to help! UtilityGenius empowers you with the utility rebate information that you need to help save money upfront for LED, HVAC, VFD, fan, and control system projects. 

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Kelli DeThomas
Kelli DeThomas
Product Manager, Encentiv Energy

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