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Analysis: Top States for High Bay Luminaire Rebates

High bays are consistently one of the most popular product categories and utility programs offer great incentives for replacing older technology with LED high bays. Below are the states that offer the highest incentives for high bays across North America and a deeper dive into the Maine, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC programs.

  1. Maine
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Washington
  5. Maryland
  6. Connecticut
  7. Idaho
  8. Iowa
  9. Oregon
  10. Arizona

With a high lumen output and multiple fixture styles, high bay lighting fixtures are the right fit for a wide range of applications. Typically mounted at heights upwards of 15 feet, high bays are seen in warehouses, industrial complexes, supermarkets, retail locations, and recreational spaces. Whether you’re planning for a new project or upgrading your existing fixtures, light emitting diode (LED) luminaires are an ideal choice for the lighting workhorse of these commercial and industrial facilities.


Compared to other options, such as fluorescents or metal halides, LED luminaires tout numerous benefits. High lumen output and increasing efficacy standards make for high-quality light emission and a better foot-candle. In addition, LEDs have a significantly longer lifespan, up to 100,000 hours in some instances, and require little to no maintenance. 


Look deeper and you will see the payback period on this investment continues to decrease. LED luminaires offer notable energy savings. Before employing the use of lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors, task tuning, and dimming during daylight hours, savings can reach up to 70%. Because LEDs are built to be compatible with a multitude of controls and control systems, energy savings can be fine-tuned.


Rebates and energy savings? See it all in one place and get a downloadable 4-page report with every project analysis that is based on the project specified that includes project details, energy savings, utility rebates, ROI, payback, and environmental impact. Check out the Payback Calculator ⟶

Your energy bill won’t be the only place that you see these savings, utility companies are currently paying for energy efficiency improvements by way of rebate programs on DLC® certified and ENERGY STAR® rated products. These are often paid per fixture or per kilowatt-hour (kWh) savings, with some additional bonus programs for lighting controls. Currently, programs in Maine, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC are offering the most significant rebates for high bay LED luminaires.


Deeper dive on top 3 states with the highest rebates for high bays


The state program, Efficiency Maine, is currently offering up to $0.28 per kWh saved. Rebates totaling as much as $1 million per facility up to 50% of the project cost are available. Pre-approval is required and energy savings of at least 36,000 kWh must be seen annually. For more information visit Efficiency Maine’s Commercial & Industrial Custom Rebate Program.


Massachusetts utilities, Fitchburg Gas & Electric, Massachusetts Electric, Nantucket Electric, NSTAR Electric, and Western Massachusetts Electric have adopted the Mass Save program which is offering rebates for high bays of $150-200 per fixture, with additional savings for controls. Pre-approval is required before purchase and equipment must be installed within 30 days of acquisition. More information on the Mass Save Bright Opportunities Lighting Program can be found here.


Washington, DC utility Potomac Electric Power Company offers the DC Sustainable Energy Utility Program with rebates up to $50 per fixture available. Rebates are capped at $50,000 per facility annually. Pre-approval is required before equipment is purchased and additional incentives for controls may be available. Learn more about the DCSEU program.

Kelli DeThomas
Kelli DeThomas
Product Manager, Encentiv Energy

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