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Riley Knavish

Riley Knavish

Product Marketing Specialist, Encentiv Energy

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Welcoming Gary Massetti, Director of Business Development

The team at Encentiv Energy is thrilled to welcome Gary Massetti as our new Director of Business Dev...
Riley Knavish January 30, 2024

ENERGY STAR™ Announces Changes to LED Program

ENERGY STAR™, a long-standing fixture in the energy efficiency industry, recently announced plans to...
Riley Knavish January 30, 2023

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program Receives Additional Funding

While the Inflation Reduction Act has been at the forefront of energy efficiency policy discussions ...
Riley Knavish November 29, 2022

Celebrating Energy Efficiency Day 2022!

When Energy Efficiency Day was created in 2016, it had a simple mission in mind: “Save money. Cut po...
Riley Knavish September 29, 2022

How Vermont’s New Policy Impacts the Lighting Industry

The last few months have brought some heavy-hitting changes in the lighting industry. On the tails o...
Riley Knavish July 27, 2022

Tips to Reduce Summer Energy Consumption

There are plenty of reasons to love summer, but expensive energy bills aren’t one of them. From simp...
Riley Knavish July 27, 2022

LightFair 2022: Back and Brighter Than Ever!

LightFair 2022 took place in Las Vegas last week, and there was no better place than the City of Lig...
Riley Knavish June 30, 2022

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