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Incorporating Rebates into HVAC Capital Planning

Capital planning is an arduous process and for most multi-site building owners includes plans to incorporate HVAC upgrades. HVAC equipment will approach end-of-life at some point and will need to be replaced. Utility rebates give you an opportunity to look at better-than-code equipment which can generate long-term life of equipment savings and energy savings for your portfolio of buildings.

What if HVAC utility rebates could help determine what type of equipment is best and give you the range of rebates for an entire portfolio? Encentiv Energy has been able to incorporate HVAC rebates into the Encentivizer Project Estimator - Multi Site tool which allows energy managers and HVAC maintenance companies to be able to easily estimate what’s the minimum qualifying efficiency rating for participating in a program as well as the rebate range.

There are many benefits to incorporating rebates into capital planning. It can help make the determination for upgrading HVAC equipment on a site-by-site level and calculating ROI.

Utilities often have tiers of rebates and being able to know that qualifying at a higher tier could have greater impact on the rebate value than your current tier proves to be invaluable.

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Jeremy Struhar
Jeremy Struhar
Product Manager, Encentiv Energy

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