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Top 5 articles you need to read now


These articles are the best of the best. Learn about utilities and why they give away money, horticultural lighting, lighting controls and rebates, and the DLC® Stakeholder Meeting.


1. DesignLights Consortium® Stakeholder Meeting Recap

Solutions-based lighting with a focus on quality, controllability, and efficacy so that a more comfortable, productive, and safer environment for people can be achieved. Along with the proposed average efficacy increase of 9.6%.

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2. Why do utilities give away money?

This article makes the connection and explains how product manufacturers, utilities, and building owners are impacted by utility rebates.

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3. Horticultural lighting is a fast-growing segment in the LED industry

Everything from utility rebate programs to the DLC® Hort Qualification is seeing major changes with this new market.

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4 & 5. Lighting Controls & Rebates, Parts I & II

Learn how utility programs are incentivizing different types of lighting controls and how they are doing it. Then, learn about a more "systems" approach, which is the basis for how utility incentives are calculated on an energy savings approach.

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Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing, Encentiv Energy

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