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A Breakdown of Lightfair International 2018

Lightfair International proves to be one of the best trade shows across the industry year after year. This year it was in Chicago, Illinois at the beginning of May. There was a lot of buzz around customer engagement, education, and new innovative products - LFI also offered their first forum on Smart Cities. The Encentiv Energy team heard from almost everyone that stopped by the booth that the rebate process is really complicated and asked specific questions about projects and utility programs. And the networking and learning opportunities at LFI this year were electrifying! Connecting with a community that understands the unique challenges the industry faces and bringing everyone together to start talking about it is a spectacular experience!

First, let’s talk about some challenges we feel that the industry is facing right now. The competition is fierce among lighting manufacturers, each trying to offer the most innovative and energy saving solution. There also seems to be a push for lighting manufacturers to start offering more resources to their customers. If you browse several manufacturers’ sites you will most likely see a “Resources” section. This section also impacts customer engagement and loyalty. We believe that utility rebates play a role here. When lighting manufacturers can provide insight into rebates for their specific products, it engages the customer and creates a positive impression of their brand. Education and content is an evergreen strategy that will always be important to potential and current customers alike. All the people we talked to at LFI seemed to know about rebates, but the issue seems to be using them or knowing how to use them in a strategic way. That is where we can bridge the gap. (If you’d like to learn more, you can get in touch with us here. Even if it’s just to chat or ask questions, we’re happy to help!)

Another hot topic was getting fixtures added to the DesignLights Consortium® QPL (qualified product listing). Getting them registered with the DLC ensures that customers are purchasing products that are high-quality and energy efficient - not a look-alike product that possibly lacks quality and function.

A fun final note about booth attire, matching shoes and bow ties are trending. We’re looking forward to being part of Lightfair International again in Philly for 2019!

Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing & CX, Encentiv Energy

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