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UtilityGenius™ Launched by Encentiv Energy

✨Transform✨ your process for researching utility programs and incentives with UtilityGenius™ – a new platform just released by Encentiv Energy. UtilityGenius connects you with everything you need to know about utility programs and incentives across North America online, all in one place for free.


The future of searching utility programs is here. Contractors, ESCOs, agents, and trade allies – this is for YOU! 🤝

🚫 Gone are the days where you had to do research online, on the utility’s website, or make phone calls and wait days if not more for a response. ✅ Instantly get rebate estimates and important utility program information for every utility across North America in three clicks or less.

Whether you’re a contractor, ESCO, manufacturer’s agent, or a utility trade ally you can use UtilityGenius to look up rebate estimates and utility program information by zip code, state, or product category – and add them to your project quotes to win more jobs.

All for free. Seriously, no credit card required. It’s like having a 🔮 crystal ball🔮 for every utility program across North America.


If you have questions like these, then UtilityGenius is for you. And you can find the answers out for free.

  1. Hmmmm...is preapproval required for my commercial project in DTE (Michigan)? And is it required prior to purchasing equipment or can it wait until after installation? 🤔 The devil is in the details. 😈 (Look at the Utility Information section on the right.)
  2. Need a rebate estimate for high bays in Massachusetts? Would adding an 💸  $150-$200 💸  per fixture rebate for High Bays in the National Grid/Massachusetts Electric Co territory get your customer to say YES faster? You bet. 🚀
  3. I want to get rebates at point-of-purchase. Do any utilities in Maine offer Midstream rebates for LEDs? (Be sure to change the toggle from Downstream to Midstream!)
  4. Does Hydro One Networks in Ontario Canada offer rebates on HVAC? Yep! The rebate could be as high as $4,500 per unit for Air Source Heat Pumps.

Why UtilityGenius?

Over the last two years the energy efficiency industry has been through a lot. We believe


that by making UtilityGenius available for free supports all aspects of the industry from manufacturing to selling energy efficiency projects to installation. Not to mention it helps the planet and reduces demand on the electric grid (more power plants do not need to be built!).

The future of efficiency programs has never looked brighter. A question we often hear from our customers and others in the industry - aren’t utility programs going away? Aren’t rebates and incentives going away?

The fact is they are not. Overall, programs help businesses to install more energy efficient equipment – LEDs, controls, HVAC, etc. to help reduce electricity demand. Businesses have the ability to make a huge impact on the environment and electricity use in general by upgrading equipment. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) – a utility in Tennessee – recently reopened their C&I incentive program since closure in 2018 (← this is the kind of info you can find in UtilityGenius!).

Finding utility rebate estimates and program information has been historically difficult, time consuming, and sometimes even confusing. Using UtilityGenius is actually fun – it brings everything you need to know about utility programs and rebates in one place, including a link directly to the application plus accurate and up-to-date info – not to mention the positive impact that it will bring to the planet. It's very organized, and offers search 


capability by zip or postal code, utility program name, or by state.

Want to know where to find Midstream programs? You can easily toggle between downstream and midstream.



See which utilities recently changed status right on the homepage.


Up-to-date Data

We take updating data very seriously, since you rely on its accuracy it’s important for you to know how we keep it up to date.

  • Proprietary software that tracks utility program changes
  • Team of analysts that continuously make updates
  • Registered with utility programs across North America

UtilityGenius is powered by Encentivizer® – the industry’s leading energy efficiency platform for utility program information and rebate estimates – delivered how you, your team, or your customers need it. Encentivizer has been trusted by all members of the energy efficiency industry for more than a decade.


Find Qualified Products for your Projects directly from Manufacturers

Find qualified products that are rebate eligible from many manufacturers in all product categories.

Visit https://app.utilitygenius.com/ and select a utility program by entering the project zip code/postal code or selecting a state. Click the utility program name.

Then choose the product category you need (Lighting, Controls, HVAC, VFD, Fans, Horticulture, etc.) and then see which manufacturers have qualifying products. Click on the manufacturer name.

Once on their site you will see exact rebate amounts for the products that you choose.


Program and Rebate Verification

So you sent a proposal to your customer with rebate estimates included and now that they are ready to sign (weeks later) you need to check to see if the rebate is still available. We know that utility programs can change all the time. Don’t sweat it – it’s easy with UtilityGenius. Verify rebate eligibility and program status in less than 30 seconds.


Utility Program Change Notifications

Get notified right in your inbox when a utility program changes.

If knowing when utility programs open, close, get discontinued, move to in-transition and other status updates, is important to you, UtilityGenius can automatically send you emails when they change.

Then you can update your sent quotes accordingly and include accurate information in new ones that haven’t been sent yet.


And if only certain programs are important to you just click the heart to save the program to your Favorites list ❤️.

All this is included in the Starter Plan (which is completely FREE forever, no credit card required!). Sign up here.


Do rebates really matter?

The short answer is yes, rebates really do matter. First, they have an impact on getting approval/sign off on energy efficiency projects. They can add urgency to a timeline - for example, if you have a project and add rebates to the quote, your customer can see the savings. It’s always best to start the rebate process sooner rather than later since programs can run out of funding – but you can quickly check the status in UtilityGenius.

You can also use rebates to help lower the initial cost of a project. This shortens the payback period and makes the overall investment more attractive.

You can show your customers the benefits to their electric bill and the environment by upgrading to energy efficient technology.

Buy now vs. waiting

Drive your customers down the energy efficient path to replacing or installing new energy efficient technology. Adding rebate estimates to their project quote will create urgency and get them to say ‘yes’ faster.

Reduce payback period

Use rebates to help lower the initial cost of a project by installing energy-saving technology. This shortens the payback period and makes the overall investment more attractive to your customer.

Energy savings

Energy savings and rebates?! It’s a win win. Installing energy efficient technology will not only save your customer money on their monthly utility bill, but adding rebates just sweetens the deal.


Need to review every utility program in North America at once? Or want to see all rebates across a specific technology and export the data?

UtilityGenius Pro is ideal for individuals and companies that need to be able to view all utility programs at one time with all incentives across those programs. You can also download csv exports of the data to sort and slice how you need it in Excel, Google Sheets, or similar tools.

You can also personalize your email alerts about utility program status changes so you only get notified of utility programs you care about.

UtilityGenius Pro plan starts at just $89/user per month. If paid annually you can get an extra 20% off! You can also get an additional discount for adding more users.

1-3 Users $89/user per month
4-6 Users Save 10% ($82/user per month)
7-10 Users Save 20% ($75/user per month)
11+ Users Save 35% ($70/user per month)


Ready to get started?

Take the hassle out of researching utility programs and calculating rebate estimates. With over 3,000 C&I utilities in the US and Canada speed is key if you want to send quotes with rebate estimates to close deals faster – use UtilityGenius.



You can become a rebate and utility program expert with UtilityGenius. Get started today.


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