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Startup List for 2020



As the new year rings in, one thing is for certain: utility rebate programs are changing...a lot. 


We created a startup list for you to follow to get on the right track for 2020.


January is the most popular time of the year for programs to make updates to their rebate programs. Closed programs are reopening, new incentives are available, and even altering standards to qualify for rebates. We’ve compiled a list of things, broken down by category, to keep in mind when you’re working with utility programs to get rebate estimates - especially at the start of the year.



These are changes that apply program-wide, not just a shift in an individual product or category incentive.

  • Limitations on program funding
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Entire rebate program changing which means all or part of the program could be redesigned or removed
  • Overhauling the rebate submission process


Change in Incentive Levels

In review of the previous year’s performance, a program may alter individual incentives, in a number of different ways.

  • Rebate amount changes (some could be more or less)
  • How the rebate is calculated
  • Rebate caps (read more about this topic here)
  • Changing qualification standards


Change in Offering

This could include changes on a product level, for example new products being incentivized or products being removed.

  • New incentives for products that weren’t previously offered
  • Horticultural lighting is being added to a lot of utility programs (there are now 16 different manufacturers that have horticultural products listed on the DLC® Hort QPL)
  • Changes to individual product type
  • Products removed altogether


Here are some more resources to help you know what to look for in utility programs throughout the country.


Download the ebook, “The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Utility Rebate Programs 2020” now.


Get your proposal checklist here.


Keeping up with all these program changes is very difficult and time consuming. Encentivizer saves you the headache of dealing with all that data! Don’t know where to start? We can help, get in touch with us today.

The main component that powers each Encentivizer® product is our proprietary database. This gives you incredible insight into every utility program, rebate estimates, and more so you can build relationships and engage with your customers, sales teams, distributors, and energy efficiency professionals/service providers at scale. There are over 3,200 utilities in the United States and Canada that are analyzed and updated daily. Program details, including program timelines and eligibility requirements. And tens of thousands of unique incentive calculations for midstream and downstream commercial + industrial programs. This eliminates manual rebate calculations that would take hours to complete and quickly find available rebates to include in ROI calculations. Lastly, every detail you need to know on hundreds of thousands of qualified LED products is included too. So you have everything you need in one place.

Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing & CX, Encentiv Energy

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