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Want to See All Rebates for Not-yet-listed Products? Try Encentivizer Product Awareness with Product Builder


Encentiv Energy launches Product Builder, the first ever tool that allows you to see DesignLights Consortium® classification, Energy Star®, and rebate qualification in North America for your not-yet-listed products.


Take the guesswork out of seeing if your new, not-yet-listed product will qualify for DLC® Standard or Premium classification, Energy Star and rebates.


Product Awareness allows Product Managers; Sales, Marketing, and Growth teams; and Product Designers at LED manufacturers to see rebate estimates across the U.S. and Canada for a product that is in the planning stage, design stage, or launched.


And you can check to see if it will qualify for the DesignLights Consortium Standard or Premium classification, or Energy Start before it is even manufactured. You can start incorporating rebates into your planning and design process, and your go-to-market strategy.


What Does Product Awareness Do?


Have you ever thought about DesignLights Consortium or Energy Star qualification for your LED products that are in the design or development stages? Or if your new LED would qualify for rebates in North America?


The waiting period once you apply for DLC or Energy Star qualification can have consequences for your product lifecycle.


Product Builder makes sure that your product and design teams are seeing if the new product qualifies before it’s even manufactured.


With Product Builder you’ll be able to see rebates for a product that is not-yet-listed on the QPL. And you can also see if it will qualify for the DesignLights Consortium® Standard or Premium classification or Energy Star® list.



This means you’ll instantly be able to add rebate estimates to all your product launch assets without waiting to see what rebates are after you get it listed on the DLC® or Energy Star.


What Product Awareness Can Do For You


For most LED product manufacturers it’s important to know if your new product will qualify for the DLC SSL or Energy Star. These processes can be expensive and time consuming with testing and submitting applications.


Using Product Builder in Product Awareness you can easily see if your new product will qualify for DLC Standard or Premium, or Energy Star and know before you start the process.


Having this accelerated process to see qualification allows you to manufacture the new LED with confidence.


That’s why we built the product builder functionality right into Product Awareness. So that you don’t have to wait and see if your product will qualify for rebates or what the rebate amounts will be in over 3,000+ utilities – or if it will qualify for DLC® Standard or Premium classification, or Energy Star. Have your marketing and sales campaigns ready to go (with rebates!) as soon as your product is launched.


3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Product Awareness with Product Builder


Set the targeted specs


To get started you’ll need the Product Category (ex: high bay, four-foot linear replacement lamp, recessed downlight, etc.).


From there, enter the wattage, lumens, and subtype if applicable.


For example, if you were designing a new high bay that was spec'd at 162 watts and 33,500 lumens it would qualify for DLC Premium based on the product’s efficacy of 207.13 lm/W.


Once you have this information you’re all set to see if your not-yet-listed product will qualify.


Don’t forget to add the process to your product design and launch plans


Add these few quick steps to your product design and launch plans or your go-to-market strategy.


  • Check DLC classification or Energy Star in Encentivizer Product Awareness.
  • If it doesn't qualify, adjust the specs and then incorporate those into your product design plans.
  • Run the report to see where every rebate is in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Use the report to plan your go-to-market. Start marketing your new LED in the territories with the highest rebates and arm your sales and marketing teams with incentives instead of discounts.


Get your marketing campaigns and sales enablement ready to go


Create your marketing campaigns and sales enablement in tandem with your new LED product being manufactured. That way you’ll have time to add rebates and the DLC classification or Energy Star.


In short: once you start using Product Awareness and Product Builder you won’t want to go back to the old way of seeing if your new product qualifies.


Here at Encentiv Energy, we believe rebates help drive sales, create urgency for your customers to buy, and help the environment by reducing demand on the electric grid.


Interested in seeing how Product Awareness can help you see all rebates in North America for your qualified and not-yet-listed products and DLC SSL or Energy Star qualification? Get a demo today.

Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing & CX, Encentiv Energy

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