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Combining Efficient Retrofit and Rebate Processes

If you’re like most retrofitter professionals, this scenario may seem familiar. You audit a facility with pencil and paper, taking notes of the existing fixtures in various rooms of the facility. You head back to the office and begin to transpose your handwritten audit notes to an Excel® spreadsheet, and this is where the problems begin.

In transferring the audit notes to Excel, you may have trouble reading some of the handwriting, or have lost details as to which room a fixture belongs to. Cell phone or camera images provide little help as they aren’t tied back to a specific line item in your audit. In addition, your inaccurate transcription can be further altered with errors in Excel formulas.

This process is error-prone, draining, and worst of all, it’s slow. And now, it’s also obsolete. It should come as no surprise that the digital age has caught up to the world of retrofit, with thousands of retrofitter professionals using SnapCount software. It was built to solve the frustrations previously listed, replacing your pencil and paper audits with tablet based assessments, and your Excel spreadsheet transcription with the push of a few buttons.

What makes that even better? In the world of retrofit, the prime example is integrating Encentiv Energy's Encentivizer™ rebate data. Now, both the retrofit process and rebate research can take place digitally, and in one platform.

Hundreds of professionals have ditched the pencil and paper audits with a tablet in the field. They’ve ditched the spreadsheets with the click of a few buttons. And they’ve ditched the time intensive rebate process with an instant rebate calculation.

Using SnapCount and Encentiv Energy’s Encentivizer™, retrofitters across North America audit, propose, and implement energy efficiency projects up to 70% faster, and spend 50-75% less time calculating rebates.

Long time SnapCount user Reg Cook of Hemma Lighting stated, “The Encentivizer rebate tool is great. Once your data is set up, it quickly gives you accurate rebate estimates you can use in proposals and impress your clients - it's like having one of the best rebate companies in the industry on your team!”

Ready to learn more about how to streamline your retrofit and rebate calculation processes, all in one platform? Visit the SnapCount website today!

Ashley Garia
Ashley Garia
Director of Marketing & CX, Encentiv Energy

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